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See – Zwerg “Home Is Where…”

  • January 25, 2015
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“Home Is Where…”

Dual Citizen

From the first beautiful chords of the beginning of “Home Is Where…” until the end, Zwerg’s new song will have you emotionally connected.  “Home Is Where…”, according to Zwerg, is about his coming out as gay, but the song is much more than that.  He is talking about how home is where “you don’t need to change me…  you respect my beliefs”.  This is a sentiment that anyone can identify with.  The music, mostly provided by Zwerg with support from other musical geniuses, fits the mood of the song perfectly.  As with the rest of the CD (a great one all the way through), the music is beautiful, the words deep and meaningful, and the video for the first track is breathtaking.  Very rarely does someone’s musical talent matches the pure physical beautiful of the singer/songwriter himself.  Enjoy the music, revel in the sentiment (without being sappy), marvel at the pure physical beauty.  Zwerg is here to stay, THANK YOU.

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