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Service Above Personal Life: Emay Holmes – “The Deployment Song”

  • June 11, 2017
  • 1 min read
Photo: Vivian Usoro w/ Usoro & Wilson Photography

Emay Holmes

“The Deployment Song”

Deep Down

This is an absolutely tremendous song written and delivered from a standpoint very few of us have ever been.  Emay Holmes is a serving airman on USS Nimitz; by day he helps launch F-18 jets from the flight deck and by night he crafts heart-wrenching soul music in the depths of the boat.  This song is a beautiful song about the sacrifices that our serving personnel make to serve the country.  We all know that their lives are on the line every day, but we tend to forget how hard the service is on personal relationship.  This song is beautiful.  Not only can we understand the love, but now we understand the difficulties our service personnel go through.  This is a great song.  Holmes makes you proud to be human.  Right now, we really need that.  This is my favorite love song right now.

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