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Skewering The Fakes: YJY – “Through Being Hip”

  • August 10, 2016
  • 2 min read
Photo by Jill Henderson
Photo by Jill Henderson


“Through Being Hip”

The Same Noise

I love this song.  In the same vein of “Though Being Cool” by DEVO, without the New Wave electronics, YJY pokes fun at all of those who follow the crowd and try to be what they’re not.  YJY plays pop the way it should be:  FUN!!!!!

In the piece, lead vocalist/guitarist Steve Sachs shared, “I wrote ‘Through Being Hip’ after spending some time looking around this boutique thrift shop in a super trendy and recently gentrified neighborhood.

I talked to the person behind the counter for a bit and I got a sense that five years prior, this person would have been exactly the type of person who self-identified as someone who ‘hated hipsters.’ And yet, here they were, working at this shop.”

We all know those people, the ‘anti-hipsters’ who become what they don’t want to be, the people who watch Portlandia but have all of a sudden forgotten it is sarcasm and put-down.  I love the way YJY does it again; creates a tremendous pop song that clocks under 2 minutes, like a new Ramones.  YJY, keep skewering the insincere and poseurs, including myself.

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