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Soul Diva: Alma – “Medicine Man”

  • December 15, 2015
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“Medicine Man”

The Travel Size EP

What a voice.  Alma has the pipes to sing anything she wants.  Originally from Wisconsin, Alma is a DIY artist who writes, records and arranges her own music. Though she has been practicing music composition and experimenting with recording software since junior high, her public music career began in 2011 while studying vocal performance at Columbia College Chicago.  Drawing from her personal faith, Alma’s music is a “calculated attempt to provoke thought about the human condition, supported by her neo-soul sensibilities” (Indie Authority). Outside of her music, Alma carries on this humanitarian mission through an original series of discussion brunches called “Over French Toast” and actively engages in inspirational public speaking events with high school and youth groups.  If she wants it, Alma will have stardom.  She has the voice, she has the faith, she has the talent, she is the complete package.  And she deserves all the fame she wants.

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