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Spontaneity: Bonny Doon – “A Lotta Things”

  • February 15, 2018
  • 1 min read
Spontaneity:  Bonny Doon – “A Lotta Things”
Photo Credit : Chloe Sells

Bonny Doon

“A Lotta Things”


What a great, smart ass song.  Think Modest Mouse meets Ween.  The melody is so wonderful, that guitar riff is perfect, and the beat pulls it along.  It also ends just right.  I think that best word for them (and I’m stealing from their bio) is nonchalant.  It takes serious musicians to produce a beautiful song like this that seems to be so simple.  Made up of Bill Lennox- vocals and guitar, Bobby Colombo- vocals and guitar, Jake Kmiecik- drums, and Joshua Brooks- bass, this is what cool sounds like.  Stripping their music of the layers and orchestration of their first album, I think that the spontaneity of the new music is perfect.  Listen and enjoy.

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