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Suburban Rock: Saint Slumber – “Mantra”

  • June 9, 2019
  • 1 min read
Suburban Rock:  Saint Slumber – “Mantra”

Saint Slumber


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What a great band.  Take a whole lot of attitude, mix in some talent, take in a love of post-grunge bands (remember literate punk?), and you get Saint Slumber.  I love this description from their bio:

Forged in the suburban sprawl between Philadelphia and New York City, SAINT SLUMBER is an all-American rock band. Formed in the small, quiet towns of their upbringing, the alt-pop trio is comprised of vocalist Joshua Perna, guitarist Aaron Brown, and drummer Matt Carpenter.

That type of upbringing is a great anvil to forge great music.  In those small towns, Bruce and Patti got there start.  It’s nice that the forge is still hot enough to sharpen the skills of bands like Saint Slumber.  No doubt, guys, we need you.  What a frickin great band.

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