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Greatness: PJ Harvey – “Guilty”

  • July 14, 2016
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PJ Harvey


Only Polly could do it:  release a B Side that is better than almost anything that people release as A Sides or put on their albums.  “Guilty” is a great, super great, greater than great song.  And this cut didn’t make the album?  Unbolievable, as my friend would say.  There is one of the best songs I’ve heard for a long time.  It might be my favorite from the whole The Hope Six Demolition Project.  This song has everything a Polly fan would want:  great lyrics, beautiful voice, strong band playing, and her sax has NEVER sounded better.  No wonder PJ Harvey is the greatest out there.  Even her “B Sides” are better than anything out there.  Thank you, Polly Harvey.

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