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Summer Shot Of Adrenaline Pop: Rich Girls – “New Bag”

  • June 26, 2016
  • 2 min read

rich girls

Rich Girls

“New Bag”

Love Is The Dealer

Rich Girls, made up of Luisa Black – Guitar, Vocals; August Churchill – Guitars; Gavin Haag – Drums, takes a page out the Siouxsie Sioux, Debby Harry, and Iggy Pop playbook and makes the music their own.  Rich Girls learned that you can rock out very dangerously without the bass.  I was told by a school teacher/punker that the adrenaline from guitars and drums can propel a song over the top.  Certainly, Rich Girls does have the adrenaline.  According to their bio:

The band grew roots in 2013 when Luisa Black (guitar, vocals)- who is ever-obsessed with finding that perfect nuance of reverb – started the project on her own, under the moniker “Rich Girls,” while living in London. She chose the name to mask the fact that she was still sans band, and Black says she chose it because she “wanted rock lifers in rumpled corporate suits, like a bizarro-world version of Robert Palmer girls. A riot in the world of the rich.” Black doubles as an art programmer when she’s not making music, and runs art shows out of her Soho apartment in NYC every month.

The music just fits this wonderful music of this great band.  I love this band.  They kick ass.

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