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Swan Song: Sister Helen – “Sense of Self”

  • January 22, 2017
  • 2 min read

Sister Helen

“Sense Of Self”

Sister Helen IV

After 13 years of making intense prog-rock, Sister Helen has decided to call it quits.  On January 17, these Brooklyn-based rockers release Sister Helen IV, which will stand as their swan song, if not their magnus opus.   The story of Brooklyn born and raised prog-punk band Sister Helen reaches as far back as pre-school for Eva Lawitts (bass/vox) and Clint Mobley (drums). Officially forming in 2003 while the two lifelong friends were in middle school, Sister Helen would add Nathan J. Campbell (lead vox) in 8th grade and Chris Krasnow (guitar/vox) in 10th.  From then on, the band decided to kick ass for the last years, making super tight and magnificently complex music.

“It’s a concept album about friendship and helplessness,” shares Lawitts. “There’s no specific narrative, but every song examines the underlying themes from a different angle. There are two perspectives, that of the ‘Friend’ (who pleads throughout the album ‘please help me’) and that of the ‘Finest Mind’ (who cries back ‘I’m so sorry I can’t help you’). These two characters sing to and about each other, trying to make sense of their relationship but are simultaneously being ruled by overwhelming doubt, narcissism and impotence.”

Sister Helen will be missed.  Their music was often densely backed and always beautiful.  Please, guys, don’t quit.  We need you.

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