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Synthesthesia: Vermillion Road – “Only One”

  • February 11, 2018
  • 1 min read
Synthesthesia:  Vermillion Road – “Only One”

Vermillion Road

“Only One”

What a great band, having this great musical interplay between the instruments and that wonderful vocal line rising above it all.  Harmonies also are tremendous. As their bio states:

  Hunter Heurich rips and roars into the stratosphere with his inspiring guitar work, while bassist Mark Mastangelo and drummer Chad Pinkerman drive the rhythm section home with style and flair. And then there’s the super impassioned vocals of Will Robison, delivering the lyrics with a conviction that is staggering to behold.

A fun fact that explains why the music combines so flawlessly:  Vermillion Road’s singer and guitar both have synesthesia, the joining of a person’s senses. For Robison and Heurich, this means hearing a certain sound resulting in the visualization of a certain color.  All I know, this is a great single from a band that’s going far.

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