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The Definition of Acid: TOBACCO – “Slaughtered By The Amway Guy”

  • August 20, 2017
  • 1 min read
The Definition of Acid:  TOBACCO – “Slaughtered By The Amway Guy”


“Slaughtered By The Amway Guy”

Ripe & Majestic

This is definitely not your same old same old trip music.  TOBACCO has done something most DJ’s have never thought to do:  he removed all the music from remixes he did except the parts he created and released them all in this new album.  Even if your a huge fan of Tom Fec, like I am, you have never heard these pieces like that.  It is amazing how well the music, each individual song, sounds like standing on its own.  This is great acid trance music.  As they say, if you look up the definition of “acid”, you will find a picture of TOBACCO.  Listen to this album, trip your ass of, and dance like it’s 1518 Strassbourg.  (The Dance Plague).

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