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The Umbrellas – “Near You”

  • July 21, 2021
  • 1 min read

The Umbrellas – “Near You”

Ever hear a song that you swear you’ve heard before, but there is also something new about it.  The Umbrellas, from the San Francisco area, bring that sound of the Paisley Underground with a hint of Belle and Sebastian and the Byrds.  I am so happy to hear gangly guitars and harmonies and, well, just plain happiness.  This is the perfect summer song.  Imagine riding in that convertible through the park and this song comes on.  All of the sound, the whole group of you smile, laugh, and start singing along.  The Umbrellas are releasing their self-title album in August, and recommend this wonderful music to everyone.  This is not frothy bubblegum; this is the real deal: a return to that great psychedelic beauty of the past looking to the future.

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