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True Gothic: Matthew Logan Vasquez – “Headed West”

  • February 16, 2017
  • 1 min read

Matthew Logan Vasquez

“Headed West”

Does What He Wants

There is something refreshingly different about Matthew Logan Vasquez.  His voice sounds like he is on the top of the world, or at least in the stratosphere.  Yet his lyrics bring to mind the torment and honesty of Lou Reed, never known for a normal sense of human.  Does What He Wants is filled with beautiful music, sad and meaningful lyrics, delivered with the voice that only Vasquez has.  Vasquez claims on his new album he is feeling optimistic.  Yes, bad things happen in his songs; but, because of and through those bad things, epiphanies happen.  I love this man.  After Lou died, I didn’t think anyone could take his place.  Vasquez is that man (though he is as great as Lou in his own unique way).  Listen to him, you’ll hear what I mean.

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