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Wanna Meet Up?: Tyler Modele – “Boi Next Door”

  • May 23, 2016
  • 1 min read

tyler modele

Tyler Modele

“Boi Next Door”

I love summer, because that is the time when the boys come out with their great songs.  Tyler Modele has his new single out, and it is so much fun.  Modele has one of those great, poppy voices, and also, the production is wonderful, and when the guitar comes, wow, it knocks you on your ass.  I love this song.  Modele says the song came to him after perusing ads on Grindr (for example, Romeo for Romeo, Batman searching for his Robin).  Even though Boi Next Door wasn’t much of an add, it became a great title for a song.  I love the fact that Modele doesn’t take himself too serious.  He’s great, no doubt, but he also has lots of fun.

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