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Wyrd Visions – Half-Eaten Guitar

  • April 13, 2014
  • 1 min read

wyrd visions

 Wyrd Visions


Half-Eaten Guitar

Wyrd Visions is a Toronto-based band basically composed consisting of Colin Bergh, with backing from other members of the Toronto scene such as Matt Smith and the members of Grizzly Bear.  2006 saw the initial release of this lost gem that is finally being re-released.  Wyrd is an Old Norse/Anglo-Saxon concept roughly corresponding to the ideas of fate and destiny.  This is where the word “weird” comes from.  This is definitely a weird CD, mostly guitar, that evokes the misty bogs and meres of ancient Britain, Scotland, and Brittany, before Christianity when the supernatural walked with the everyday.  This is THE CD to listen to at your next Celtic party celebrating Beltane.  Build the fires and let’s dance.

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