6304 Drops a New Mixtape

The Group 6304 is back with their third mixtape Four Brothers. This mixtape in addition to Bud T and Josh features Loco and Northeast. I caught up with Bud T and Josh, and spoke with the Prince George County natives during a short interview to promote their new ten song mixtape which deals with some of the struggles the group has been facing such as the recent passing of their grandmother. Expect a video soon from the single “No Telling” which is hosted by World Famous DJ Torch of D.C.

Where does the 6304 come from?

Bud T: It was our grandmother street address, she lived in Seat Pleasant, Maryland over thirty years. Its the street address we all were raised at that spot. We just started doing music about a year ago up to this date and ironically she ended up passing this summer. Its been crazy the way this music has been going and the way that it has been catching on.

One of your songs that I really loved from your last project was “Sophisticated Ratchet”?

Bud T: Its two parts to that song. The first part is about where we come from and what we’ve been through. As kids we were bred and trained to be athletes. Since the age of four and five we been doing everything to play in the NFL.

Josh: Like my cousin was saying we were all raised in that house, my grandmothers kids. My parents and uncles and when she moved to Seat Pleasant she started raising us in that house. So when we were kids that house was always filled with family. We were raised together and the main goal was to be athletes. As we got older certain things happened and the picture changed and now the passion is music.

Bud T: In the video we taking you through that journey of where we grew up and just taking you through some of those experiences.


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