6304 Reps For Prince George, Maryland


In an age of dumbed down lyrics and nursery rhymes its very refreshing to come across artists that are making soulful music, with insightful lyrics. 6304 which consists of Josh and Bud T are the type of artists that give me hope for the future of hip hop. So often as a music journalist you come across artists who are direct clones of other established artists and really aren’t being authentic. Also you come across artists who might have dope production but aren’t really saying anything.

6304 is the exception rather than the rule. 6304 is the type of group that makes music that is good for your soul. The group hails from Prince George County, Maryland and the 6304 represents their grandmother’s street address. Check out their song “Sophisitcated Ratchet”. For a group that is taking the independent route and doing the production and mixing and mastering themselves its impressive. They also aren’t slouches when it comes to their lyricism and have range.

I feel this is a group that can really go far in the music world and just need the right opportunities.This isn’t a group getting a ton of views but they should be. I’m impressed by the music and the message. I think if more people heard them they could definitely be the type of group that is touring the world or at least the country. Also check out their song the “6304 Anthem”. If you like artists like Slum Village, Kanye West, and other artists along that vibe its definitely worth giving 6304 a listen.

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  1. Music is on point, the message is making a statement on the real real fo sho!
    Keep doing what you do ….moving forward to the next faze …..being sign by a major recording company. …the door is wide open …you can make for yourself!
    Sincerely Andre’s DeJesus of the #496WestBand
    P.S. Peace and blessings!

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