Andre 3000 Goes on Record and Says Big Boi is a Better Rapper




Andre 3000 has been rather low-key these days. The rapper who is often considered the better rapper of OutKast in many peoples opinions recently offered thought to the contrary in an in-depth interview with GQ Style where he discussed his career and more.

When talking about the young age they came in the rap game, Andre 3000 said,Yeah, running around the world. I can say, man, my partner, Big Boi, has always been on it. He’s sharp. He always knew the right decisions. He got into a real relationship really early. Right before our second album, he had a kid, and he and the girl stayed together, and they’re married now. I did the opposite. I’m all over the place. I never went on real dates. I don’t want to meet anybody’s parents. Like, I’m a fucking rapper.”

Later in the interview, Andre 3000 spoke more about the difference between him and Big Boi, such as him being a high school dropout. He also offered his thoughts on why he thinks Big Boi is the more complete rapper of the group.

“Big Boi is smart as fuck. We went to the same high school. I dropped out in 11th grade. Big Boi graduated with honors. When you watch early OutKast videos, Big Boi’s the leader. He always had the confidence, where I was kind of like the shy one. Big Boi can rap better than me—I always said that. If somebody said, ‘Pick who you want from OutKast to go to battle with you,’ it wouldn’t be me. ’Cause like, what I’ma do? Say some mind shit? You can’t have thoughts in a battle—nobody gives a shit about that.”



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