Brother Earl “Mochas Story”

Bronx Rapper Brother Earl depicts the bold narrative “Mocha’s Story” which is an autobiographical account of his female friend who wanted him to do a song about her life. This song oozes with realness and showcases Brother Earl’s ability to tell stories as an emcee. One of the issues is that I feel the narrative reinforces some of the negative stereotypes of the African-American community which is common throughout Hip Hop but every rapper can’t be Common or Dead Prez, but at the same time Brother Earl does reinforce positive examples of love and acceptance. The song was recorded in Harlem and produced by Yondo. The song “Mocha’s Story” is one of the singles on the self titled album Brother Earl which is available for free on,, and YouTube.

Brother Earl is a talented emcee that is underrated in an oversaturated rap scene and is insightful, has an undeniable talent with creating crispy visuals with wordplay, rhymes skills and content discussing some of the difficult themes that do exist in the black community. This song in comparison is the contemporary “Black Girl Lost” but at the same time I feel it promotes Thot culture. As an emcee vocally though he reminds me of being in the vein of Beanie Sigel pre lung removal more than any of his New York predecessors or contemporaries.

Strangely I couldn’t find much information about Brother Earl except for his music and album art which shows a man with a 70s type afro in clouds. Nonetheless if I can catch up with the mysterious Bronx Rapper I would love to interview him on my youtube channel. Check out his music and let me know if you agree with the review and if you would like for me to interview him in the comments!!

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