Diane Coffee puts the caffeine back in rock on ‘Everybody’s A Good Dog’

diane coffee, everybodys a good dog

At first listen of Everybody’s A Good Dog you might question what era you’re in but as soon as you finish listening to this gleaming record you will be completely enamored by the lush sounds, dynamic performances, tight instrumentals, and addicting tunes. Diane Coffee pays tribute to the sounds of early 60s and 70s rock and even take it back to the early days of Motown–a “Sho-be-do-bop” can be heard more than once. Shaun Fleming, the infamous drummer for Foxygen, really knows how to rock out on his own and proves his worth as a solo artist

The Diane Coffee jukebox is full of surprises and diversity on this record but somehow remains to keep the album cohesive. Songs like “Soon To Be, Won’t To Be” show pure lyrical and musical talent from Shaun Fleming with its echoey, reverberated goodness. While songs like “Too Much Space Man” show just fun Fleming was able to have making this record–listening to this song you can envision David Bowie moving across the stage in fabulous makeup and wardrobe. “I Dig You” is pure David Lee Roth meets Mick Jagger awesomeness as Fleming sings “I think you’re crazy but I…I dig you baby” with full strut on.

Then you have soulful jams like “Tams Up” that sounds like they were cooked up at Motown with the Ronettes. Fleming serves full-on soul with songs like “Down with the current” as he croons with a raspy grit throughout the song. “GovT” resurrects Marc Bolan with its backwoods, glam rock style.

Everybody’s A Good Dog reproduces the sounds of its era with a painstaking, granular attention to detail and comes out shining brighter than even some of its predecessors. If you aren’t dancing, singing, and strutting after hearing this album you didn’t listen hard enough.

Check them out on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert Below:

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