Evidence Postpones European Tour

People have been anxiously awaiting Evidence’s next studio album and Rhymesayers hadn’t given any word on a release date. He had a European tour scheduled which was scheduled to begin November 3rd. Evidence released this statement which clarifies his absence from fans and whats been going on. Prayers for him and his family!!


“My first son was born on Dec 24th, 2015. Two months later, his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Over the course of these last two years, we’ve watched her fight and bounce back to achieve a full recovery. Through it all, my son continues to thrive as if nothing ever happened – all he knows is love.

I’ve dodged questions left and right about why I was being elusive and why I wasn’t putting out music or communicating with fans as much during this time. But I recently felt like God was telling me it was time to get out again and set up my new record, so I booked this European tour. Now here we are, a week before my first concert in Europe, she gots news of recurrence and needs to go into surgery right away.

I’m writing to let y’all know I have to postpone this upcoming European tour. Right now, I need to be home with my family more than ever. Instead of being private this time, I’m asking for your prayers.”

Sincerely, Evidence

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