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Prinze George, Interview

We’ve been listening to Prinze George on HEAVY rotation for the last few months with no sign of stopping. Prinze George is an indie-rock band with an incredible gift that allows them to blend folk, electronica, pop, and dance into beautifully cohesive standout tracks. The Brooklyn-based trio — Kenny Grimm, Naomi Almquist, and Isabelle De Leon have quickly made a name for themselves and as one of THE new bands to know.  Check out our interview below! 

Can you tell our readers a bit about how Prinze George began and where the name came from?

1) The three of us were in a rock band before this project and Prinze George was initially a side project between Kenny and I that we started when we moved to New York and launched in NYC. Kenny came up with the name. It’s a county in Maryland where Kenny and I grew up and where all three of us met.

Was there a record or artist that stands out more than others when you think of what first inspired you to create music?

2) We all have very different influences, but Kenny and Isabelle were both heavily influenced by rock early on. Kenny loved AC/DC and Isabelle loved Muse. I was primarily influenced by female singer songwriters. The Beatles, Lauryn Hill, Red Hot Chili Peppers were some of my earliest influences.

Many of your songs seem to come from a very personal place based on your views of things such as happiness, love, youth, etc. Where does most of your creativity and inspiration come from?

Inspiration for us definitely comes from home. Kenny and Isabelle are the ones that really get to play around sonically but I write the lyrics, so our jobs are very different. All of my earliest relationships and experiences growing up here are really what fuel the lyrical writing on my end. I tend to get ideas from my relationships to others, relationships between self and place and the way people contradict themselves. Sometimes I pretend to be someone else in order to mix it up or access something different.

Any crazy stories from the road?

4) We toured with Albert Hammond Jr last year and somehow managed to shove 5 people and all of our gear into Isabelle’s parents very used minivan. That was crazy. We looked crazy and no one could move in there.

Your EP is an absolutely flawless album that we’ve had on rotation for weeks now. What can we expect from the band in the near future? Is there a full length album on the way?

5) Thank you so much! You can expect a little more of a range on the full length record, which comes out on August 5th. There is more of a variety than our previous releases.

Check out “Victor” below:

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  1. The description of the music is right on and it’s a great interview to read. Fantastic work.

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