King Krimzon Fires Back at ICP

King Krimzon recently was a guest on the Dr. Phil show where he was on the show where Dr. Phil attacked him for living up to his responsibilities as a father/husband and spending to much time developing his persona while his wife supports the family and he lives off disability. A surprising segment of the show was when ICP appeared on the show and attacked Krimzon with Violent J of the group calling him “talentless” at one point.

Krimzon has responded back claiming that he went on the show for publicity. Also he claims that ICP knew full and well who he was because he had been a performer at The Gathering, an annual performance that ICP hosts and accuses the group of “trying to steal his shine”.

King Krimzon states he recently signed a record deal for $10,000 and could possibly be the latest artist that Dr. Phil has propelled to fame since Danielle Bregoli. King Krimzon’s brand of murder rap could possibly pose a threat to the dominance of the ICP horror brand. One thing that I’ve noticed about ICP is that the years at the top have made them soft where they cater to being politically correct. Even the performance on the Dr. Phil show showed how out of touch they were with the plight of the struggling artist. While the brand of music that he makes may not be for everyone, the last thing I would call King Krimzon is talentless. His passion and dedication will win him over some fans and his mere existence could spell the end of Psychopathic Records!!


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  1. This guys a known felon and con artist/scammer/pathological liar. His real name is Nicholas Guerdy a three time felon. Going on his First US tour I don’t think so…. Unless he stole more money from his hard working wife to finance it like he does to pay for his dolls. Or maybe he stole another 20k from his mom like he admitted doing on national television. Shame on you for wasting time on this talentless hack when there are real artists out there with real talent who work hard and aren’t lowlife degenerate scumbags like this wannabe. Also he’s so stupid he couldn’t even come up with an original name King Crimson is a rock band from the 60’s. Pathetic

  2. @Eliza people aren’t their past actions he has served his time and is making an effort to change his life. Yeah, he is touring. Stealing from his mom his own inheritance, know the facts. You had time to read the article I wrote about him. He changed his name to Krimzon X.

  3. I can’t find that article, that you wrote about nicholas. Where can i find this article?

  4. This guy is a complete joke, just saying. The people defending him are clearly mentally ill or 15 years old.

  5. He sucks ass! I can’t even believe anyone would actually like it… I think this article was written by him and the person defining him is also him lol

  6. Going from dive bar to dive bar in a minivan getting paid in beer and chicken wings ain’t a massive us tour

  7. I agree! He has passion and talent and definitely is someone who can become something amazing!! I never look to past because who we can become is more important and everyone has potential!! All you naysayers, actually shame on you!! I guess you must have perfect, wonderful lives!! You are the type of people who feel so low about yourself that you have to go demean someone else because it makes you feel powerful!! You aren’t powerful, you are weak pussies!! And I am 38 and not mentally ill! I have been through things you could not possibly even begin to understand and because you’re not worthy of the time for me to explain it to you, I won’t!! But I will say maybe you should actually work on your own dreams and bring yourself up instead of bringing someone else down!! I have had many people say I will never become an actress too but know what, their opinions don’t mean shit!! They aren’t me and don’t have my heart and passion or know what it feels like to have a dream! They are dead inside, just like you all soulless mindless bullies!! So fuck off and freaking get a life!! Krimzon X, you are going big places and I believe in you!!!

  8. Learn how to spell you ignorant idiot!! It really shows your IQ so your opinions are basically nullified to anyone with half a brain!!

  9. You should not pursue your dreams at the expense of your family and children. He has left his wife and children to bare the burden of over $25,000 in debt. He doesn’t work because he commits fraud so he doesn’t have to. He isn’t a struggling artist. He is a leeche.

  10. How much he pay you to say he doesn’t suck? White fat suburban mom here and I got more flow.

  11. LOLOLOLOL! This clown is a criminal, a fraud, and has as much musical talent as my toilet.

  12. I have no idea what “ICP” is (I thought it was a type of birth control) and I sure as fuck don’t watch Dr Phil like a housewife. I typed “Wicked King Crimzon” into Google to find out what the fuck it was. I was at a seedy truck driver’s convenience stop (the kind is truckers sleep outside of and pick up ho’s at) and while taking a shit in the men’s room I noticed someone had written “Wicked King Crimzon’s Evil Realm” in a circle around a glory hole. Anyways, wanted to know what the fuck it was. Guess it’s some gay shit.

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