LIVE REVIEW: Pitch Black Forever Tour Ft. Hawthorne Heights, Armor For Sleep and Spitalfield

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The year is 2005. You’ve just finished applying the 946th coat of black polish on your fingernails while incessantly refreshing your MySpace home page. In the other room, your parents are arguing over the the blaring noise coming from your bedroom and you’re writing your best friend on AOL Instant Messenger saying that they just don’t understand you.

While the year is, in fact, actually 2023, this is exactly what it felt like walking into Rams Head Live in Baltimore, MD last night. The eyeliner was thick, the jeans were way too tight, and the air was filled with the reminiscence of teenage angst. In my opinion, the perfect setting for the Pitch Black Forever Tour [Part 2] featuring Hawthorne Heights, Armor For Sleep, and Spitalfield.

The best part about this tour was that the crowd was mostly comprised of what we now consider ‘elder emos’ – individuals who grew up going to shows where smart phones were all but a figment of our imagination. With that being said, the recordings of the bands was at an all-time minimum and you could really feel the energy and passion in the room. No one was concerned with how many likes they were getting on Instagram or who was viewing their livestream on Tik Tok.

Without giving too many spoiler alerts, all of the hits were played. All of the songs that we listened to when we were 14 years old that gave us hope when getting through another day of living was just too much to handle. “We aren’t playing a lot of new songs on this tour. We’re playing what you all want to hear, the songs that – at one point in time – made you feel a little less alone” JT Woodruff, Hawthorne Heights’ frontman, stated in the midst of their set.

If you get an opportunity to attend a show on this tour, I highly recommend it.

-David John Croft

Photos By: David John Croft

@DavidJohnCroft on Instagram

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