Overrated and underrated. An essay.

Many times, music lovers are bombarded with information and what the magazines want them to believe.  Oftentimes, this leads to an artist or band being overrated while other artists/bands are ignored.  AudioFuzz is here to rectify that (at least this writer is).  As usual, music is opinion, so don’t get too bent. You’ll have your turn.

1.  Singer/Songwriter

Overrated:  Billy Joel.  This misogynist misanthrope is a so-so writer who has been elevated to the status of god.  Listen to his lyrics.  Every one of them is about how much better he is than you are, and how women should do everything for their men.  Even at his “sweetest”, “Just the Way You Are”, he demands that his woman not change for him.  It is the way he says “don’t” that is the gist of his whole egotism.  No, Joel doesn’t deserve accolades.

Underrated:  On the other hand, Ian Hunter, formerly from Mott the Hoople, is a humble man who takes on the ideas of growing old in an industry where youth is most important and love songs where even the flaws of the woman still make her too good for him.  Songs to check out:  “Ballad of Mott the Hoople”, “Death May Be Your Santa Claus”, “I Wish I Were Your Mother”, and “Trudi’s Song”  The last song is a tribute to his wife of more than 50 years.  Listen to him.  His voice is gruff, but his heart is tender.

The next series will deal with Concept Albums, Pop Stars, Rock Bands, Punk Bands, and Live Acts.  Stay tuned.


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