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Peter Amo is a Brooklyn based artist that represents Brooklyn to the core of his music. I’ve never seen Peter Amo in person but get a visualization of a rapper wearing Timberland boots and a North Face jacket that would smack the taste out of a lot of these mumble rappers quicker than you could say “iSpy”. Amo spits hardcore core lyrics that bring you back to a time when artists rapped for the love as opposed to making millions, even though some of his content speaks about this desire. When you talk about rappers who are hungry, Peter Amo raps like he hasn’t ever ate a full course meal. He takes shots at the fake nature of mainstream music, on his song “Lies” for instance he raps “no snitching, you see what it did to T.I”.

He also has a sense of humor shown on his song “Milf Hunter” where he raps “no fronting/fist pumping/milf huntin/trying to break a bitch muffin/just to keep the party jumping”. This is a versatile emcee that has range and can’t be trifled with on the mic and is clearly not only contributing to the culture but a fan as well such as his song “State Your Name” which is an ode to graffiti writers and pays homage to the New York City graffiti scene. He makes music perfect to wake and bake to. No disagreement on his mic skills. I would like to see him experiment with more production styles, a lot of his songs have that underground hip hop sound which can make certain songs seem repetitive.

However, if your a fan of New York hip hop and want someone who isn’t copying southern artists which has become a common theme of New York artists Peter Amo is a leader in that sense. While I’m not sure if I could picture him on mainstream radio it definitely is a lane for him in music and comes close as any artist from NY in defining the sound of a region that hasn’t been getting as much shine as it should, considering its the birthplace of hip hop.

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