REVIEW: Janita – Didn’t You, My Dear?



Didn’t You, My Dear?

Comparisons to Patti Smith and Blond Redhead are just the beginning.  This Finnish transplant to Brooklyn has the balls and the pipes to make great music, even having the guts to cover a Tom Waits’ song and do it right.  With just a touch of the blues (think Nina Simone) with punk DIY spirit and just the right production, Janita shines through.  Her voice is amazing.  Many artists are known by one name; Janita only needs one.  She is that good.  Don’t be surprised to hear more from her.

Didn’t You My Dear? Track Listing

1. Some Serious Gravity
2. Beautiful You Are
3. Easing Into Sanity
4. Traces Upon Your Face
5. No Excuses
6. They Call It Love
7. Who’s Gonna Tell The Wolf She’s Not a Dog
8. What My Silence Means
9. Clap Hands (Tom Waits)
10. Won’t Make A Sound

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