Roger Waters Shines On In Stunning BK Performance

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Roger Waters took the stage promptly at 8:30pm to a full arena for the final night of the Us and Them tour in Brooklyn, NY. Opening with “Speak To Me”, “Breathe”, “One Of These Days” and “Time”. Every audience member was on their feet chanting along to the timeless songs that Waters along with his former Pink Floyd bandmates created so many years ago. Waters sang and played with the vigor of his 20 year-old self and never stopped wowing the audience through his over 2 hour show.

Water’s stage musicians were tight and it was hard at times to believe you weren’t listening from Floyd albums directly. Even his two female back-up singers gave a stunning rendition of “The Great Gig In The Sky” sending goosebumps down everyone’s arms. However, it was songs like “Wish You Were Here” and “Us and Them” that really got the audience swaying in an ethereal like atmosphere.

Waters often mocked world leaders, especially the likes of Donald Trump and Putin. Images of Trump splatted the screen quite often in the second act showing Trump in compromising positions, engaged intimately with Putin, and even mocking his small “woo-hoo” at one point. Trump took a lot hits–literally–as waters slammed through songs from Animals. An album that references corporate greed, weakness, deceitfulness, etc. Water’s stage show was elaborately designed by Sean Evans, his creative director. The screen changed quite often, lasers poured across the audience, the Pig Balloon with Trump’s face flew over the crowd and even the ceiling dropped screens at one point on either side depicting the Animals album art as well as other imagery. One of the highlights of the night was Water’s performing “Dogs” with the help of his young Gilmour look-a-like who sang the song on point.

In closing the show Waters wrapped up with two epic songs from The Wall, “Bring The Boys Back Home” and “Vera”, and then broke out the ultimate Floyd song “Comfortably Numb” which had much of the audience in tears of joy. Roger Waters put on one of his most unforgettable and spectacular shows. There is no question that every person in attendance left the audience with a high they never felt before. If you have the chance to see Roger Waters on this tour, two words–DO IT!

Full Setlist

Speak to Me
One of These Days
Breathe (Reprise)
The Great Gig in the Sky
Welcome to the Machine
When We Were Young
Déjà Vu
The Last Refugee
Picture That
Wish You Were Here
The Happiest Days of Our Lives
Another Brick in the Wall Part 2
Another Brick in the Wall Part 3
Second Set
Pigs (Three Different Ones)
Us and Them
Smell the Roses
Brain Damage
Bring the Boys Back Home
Comfortably Numb

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  1. Roger Waters is an old fart… He is racist and anti semitic, nobody cares about him… too political for me

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