The Ryan Show are Kings of Variety

The Ryan Show has become New York’s premiere source of live entertainment on Monday nights!! The first ever New York live comedy podcast and variety show that includes all genres of music, comedy, its share of celebrity guests, and outright decadence!! Hosted by the entertaining Ryan Verneuille, the quick witted Hamptons socialite Hamptons Dave, and legendary Queens rapper Mr. Cheeks it has been established that the best place to be on Monday nights is the Tavern Lounge in Queens, New York.

Mr. Cheeks and Ryan Verneuille show they mean business on The Ryan Show

The show has been gaining steam since Ryan Verneuille exposed a racist politician in the Hamptons and it wasn’t long before Mr. Cheeks got involved and they moved the show to its current location at the Tavern Lounge in Queens, NY. An unsavory location that most would expect two white kids from the Hamptons to avoid. However, the Ryan Show in such a turmoiled political time shows that people from all cultures can come together and find a common theme through partying together.

Childhood friends from the Hamptons (L-R) Hamptons Dave and Ryan Verneuille

With a format that has been proving wildly successful as the show fields dozens of television offers, it was clear it wouldn’t be long before imitators such as Power 105.1 and other upstarts tried to jack the trios swag. However, when discussing the live comedy and variety show podcast the Jay-Z line off his 2003 song “H.O.V.A” comes to mind when he says “Ain’t No other kings in this rap game you kiddin?” The same philosophy can be applied in this situation to the live variety show and comedy podcast format and I caught up with one of the three kings of the ever popular podcast himself, host Ryan Verneuille for his perspective:

I saw that you guys have Zab Judah on the show this week?

We met him the other night and now he’s coming on the show. It’s gonna be a great interview.

Awesome, I’ve noticed some other platforms such as Power 105.1 being the best known but its others, imitating you guys, how do you feel about that?

I’m flattered. When people are trying to imitate what your doing it means your setting a blueprint and have created something. When your successful your focused on what you are doing and not anyone else. Do I take it personal? Good luck, to anyone that thinks they can imitate our show.

What are some of the challenges of doing a live podcast that the audience wouldn’t necessarily know?

It’s live and unscripted. Lots of artists and sometimes its issues about them being on time. Also its a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes whether its booking, fliers, or promotional work.

Who would be your top three guests for a future episode?

Method Man and Redman because they are two of my favorite rappers. And Donald Trump just to see him debate with Mr. Cheeks, he is strongly opposed to Donald Trump.



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