BackTRACK: The Police – “Spirits In A Material World”

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 This track seems appropriate this Thursday…
Sting wrote this for his band, The Police, (almost by accident) in 1981 as the opening track of their album Ghosts In The Machine. It was the first time Sting ever touched a keyboard. He was in the back of a truck and just started playing the riff on the keyboard and voila! The songs Jamaican ska beat featuring the bass, guitar, synthesizer, drums, saxophone, and vocals is a fusion of reggae and rock. However, the political message that this song sent was stronger than all its beats combined. Sting has always been an activist and spoke of his beliefs that we as individuals must hold higher modes of thinking when advocating for political justice in our world, we cannot depend on politics to fix everything. If we do, we become “Spirits in a Material World.”
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