10 Acts You Must See At Coachella (That You Didn’t Know About)

There Are…

10 Acts You MUST SEE At Coachella.

No IFS, ANDS or BUTS. Race to see these ones perform live even if just for 1-2 songs. It’s worth it.

1, 2, 3….GO!

 10. The 1975

The 1975

The Fuzz: Arctic Monkeys got competition…but happier songs…and sexier guys.

9. Warpaint

Warpaint AudioFuzz

The Fuzz: watch “Elephants”..no seriously, watch it. 

8. Poolside

Poolside AudioFuzz

The Fuzz: pop-tinged disco with some true FLAIR.

7. Banks

Banks AudioFuzz

The Fuzz: If her voice doesn’t make you melt the throbbing beats will.

6. The Magician

The Magician AudioFuzz

The Fuzz: His magic is working…on the turntable.

5. Little Dragon

Little Dragon AudioFuzz

The Fuzz: Incredibly unique voice, interesting sounds and clever lyrics.


strfckr audiofuzz

The Fuzz: Hooks that stick, lyrics that lick and an oddness that is appealing.

3. Jagwar Ma

Jagwar Ma, AudioFuzz

The Fuzz: Aussie-rockers w/ kick-ass synths

2. Foxygen

Foxygen AudioFuzz

The Fuzz: Finally a crazy genius comparable to the likes of Keith Moon & Syd Barrett

1. Temples

Temples AudioFuzz

The Fuzz: 60s-psychedelia transplants from the future that got it right. Really right.

Now check out their set-time and GO! http://www.coachella.com/settimes/

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