10 Artists you MUST SEE at Panorama Music Festival

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New York is getting ready for the biggest music festival to hit NYC since Governor’s Ball. Goldenvoice and Verge bring you Panorama Music Festival July 22nd to the 24th with top acts being Kendrick Lamar, LCD Soundsystem, and Arcade Fire.

As we prepare for this incredible music festival we want to let you know the top 10 acts that you MUST SEE at this festival!

10. The National

The National is a dynamic and compelling rock band that proves their worth time and time again on the stage and in the studio. Definitely a must see at this year’s festival.

9. Anderson Paak

This incredibly talented, multi-instrumentalist, and diverse musician is gaining the attention of millions with his classic R&B and Hip-Hop. Make sure to stop by his stage Saturday!

8. Classixx

The electronic duo typically features several guest stars at their live shows so be on the lookout for who stops by!

7. Foals

The energetic and charismatic English Indie Rock band always puts on a show that leaves you hyped, fulfilled, and craving for more after each show.

6. Sufjan Stevens

Incredible acoustics, incredible electric, incredible EVERYTHING! Sufjan Stevens is one artist you MUST see at this festival!

5. Run The Jewels

The rap duo Run The Jewels has two albums to their name but last year their second album scored #1 on Metacritic and it is easy to see why when you see these two in action. Sometimes their music has a social, political message and sometimes they just like to have fun but either way this duo tears it up LIVE!

4. Holy Ghost

Holy Ghost! makes synthpop sound better than it ever did and their live shows translate that perfectly. The electronic duo puts on an incredible light show with high-powered performances! Check them out Sunday!

3. Alabama Shakes

The soul and passion that Brittany Howard emotes is comparable to that of Janis Joplin and that is unheard of. The band puts on an incredible show very reminiscent of early blues-rock bands.

2. Arcade Fire

David Bowie loved them, James Murphy produced with them, and countless others have named them as influences. This is truly a band you cannot miss as their live performances are magnificent, dynamic, and unforgettable.

1. LCD Soundsystem

The definitive electronic band that wanted to walk away from it all in 2011 is BACK at Panorama and you will just have to see for yourself how incredible this band is live. This show MUST NOT and CANNOT BE MISSED!

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