60’s and 80’s: Bart & The Bedazzled – “The House That Built Itself”

Bart & The Bedazzled

“The House That Built Itself”

Blue Motel

There is something remarkable when a band picks a witty supposition (like building houses and love), and then keep it up through a whole song, without getting maudlin.  Bart & The Bedazzled does just that.  The band consists of Bart Davenport – vocals, guitar Jessica Espeleta – bass Wayne Faler – lead guitar Andres Renteria – drums, percussion, drum machine (with help from Aaron M. Olson – synthesizer, piano).  I love their poppy, New Wave, almost 60’s sound.  Think of Crowded House or even The Hollies.  This is the type of great pop song Graham Nash would write, and that is a superior complement.  As the band’s bio succinctly states:

Bart Davenport might be a multitude of things, depending on whom you ask. He’s been a mod, a blues singer, and a soft-rock troubadour. He’s an eccentric guitarist and singer with the timeless voice of a real crooner. He lives and writes songs in Los Angeles. His work transports us to an imagined past or future that is curiously both the 80s and the 60s.

All I know is Bart & The Bedazzled are great.  Listen and enjoy as soon as possible.  I love this band.

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