A Whole New Interpretation: Adam Green – “Never Lift A Finger”

adam green

Adam Green

“Never Lift A Finger”


I LOVE Adam Green.  He is a genius.  I have been a huge fan of him since The Moldy Peaches, and he has always been the very best and wittiest songwriter ever.  He’s currently completing his second feature film Adam Green’s Aladdin – an immersive fantasy film starring Macaulay Culkin, Natasha Lyonne, Alia Shawkat, and Francesco Clemente – with Green playing Aladdin. The subversive and dazzling art-film was shot entirely on papier-mache sets.  The story is a modern day version of Aladdin wherein the lamp is a 3-D printer, the Princess is a decadent socialite, the planet gets a sex-change, and its population prints out an analogue version of the Internet.  This is no surprise, considering that Green’s lyrics have always been subversive and just out right strange.  I glad his vision getting getting played out at the level in which it should.

As Adam himself says”

“You know how people are always looking for a unifying theory? I was looking for a unifying theory of artistic expression. I was trying to create some kind of fluidity within my music, art, writing. If you listen to my songs, you see they’re kind of cartoonish. I try to make songs like my paintings. When creating my movie, I approached the script like it was a song.”

This technique more than works in Aladdin.  I for one cannot wait to see the whole movie and hear the complete soundtrack.  Bravo.


1. Fix My Blues                – 2:20

2. God = Humans            – 0:15

3. Nature of the Clown     -2:25

4. Aladdin are you Ok?    – 0:04

5. Someone Else’s Plan   – 2:47

6. Time Chair                    – 2:48

7. Never Lift a Finger        – 2:27

8. Techno-Fungal Insect Species – 0:24

9. Birthday Mambo               – 1:01

10. Chinese Dance Theme    – 1:26


11. Me From Far Away          – 2:53

12. Do Some Blow (With Me)  – 1:49

13. I Only Take Cocaine    – 0:09

14. Phoning in the Blues    – 1:35

15. Trading Our Graves      – 2:19

16. Life In a Videogame      – 2:32

17. No Masterpiece Policy   – 0:05

18. Interested in Music      – 1:16

19. What is Dying Like     – 0:55

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