Activism To Stir You Up: Yuzima – “Black Supremacy”


“Black Supremacy”


This is one of the best songs I’ve heard this year, and after what has happened in states like Georgia, no song could be more relevant.  To describe Yuzima would be hard to do; just imagine a male M.I.A.  That should do a lot for you.  In my book, Yuzima is the ultimate “NOISE LORD”.  He is that good. And he has done so much for those disenfranchised in these troubling times.  To call him an activist is too light.  I consider him the Angela Davis of hip hop.  Hell yeah, I love Yuzima.  If I want to work myself up, this is my go to.  You can bet I was jamming “Black Supremacy” on voting day.  Thank you, Yuzima, for another great anthem for us.  Now, come to Pittsburgh.

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