AI Rules? Shanghai Restoration Project – “Alpha Go”

Shanghai Restoration Project

“Alpha Go”


The Shanghai Restoration Project is the duo of Brooklyn natives Dave Liang and Sun Yunfan.  Through their inventive electronic dance music, they delve into the same mysteries of Artificial Intellegence (AI) as Kraftwork did, but brings more of a poppy spin to their music.  Alpha Go was written in response to fact that an AI with only the basics learned about Go, the most complex game known, and the high-point of human intelligence, defeated the best human Go player in the first round.  SRP explores the fact that there might be dangers inherent in allowing AI to freely develop on its own.  Frightening thought, but SRP makes the coming doomsday into a dance party.  It is so great to dance away thoughts of AI/Terminator scenarios, and SRP is the most danceable band out there since Deee-Lite.  Dance yourself to death.

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