Alt Metal Beauty: Seven Day Sleep – “Red Lipstick Murders”

Seven Day Sleep

“Red Lipstick Murders”

A Home For Disgusting Fairies

What a great interesting sound.  Heavy like the best of Marilyn Manson and melodic and strange like the best of My Chemical Romance, Seven Day Sleep are the real deal.  Guitar player, Okan Isik and bassist/keyboardist Can Temz, are originally from Turkey. After leaving their successful Turkish Rock band, MODEL, they moved to the USA in 2016 to start Seven Day Sleep. Having grown up from Switzerland with an American Father and Chilean mother, vocalist Sofia Ruszczyk moved to the States in 2012 to attend Berklee College of Music.  In LA, the three met and decided to form alt metal band, Seven Day Sleep, a beautiful and creepy (in the best sense), and their first single takes its name from a serial murder case, although the song actually promote self awareness and individualism.  Ruszczyk has an extremely beautiful high voice that towers above the pounding riffs created by Isik and Temz.  The trio is one of the best alt metal bands I’ve heard for awhile.  Definitely recommended for those who love strong women with a creepy side.

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