AM Retro Pop: Redcast – “Cordoroy”




The Look Up

Remember the 60’s?  Of course YOU don’t, but I do.  This would have fit in perfect on the AM radio then.  It has that sweetness and innocence of the time, slightly perverted but great.  They sound a little like Weezer, but they are more like Redcast.  I know that sounds weird, but Redcast is a strange band.  1960’s sound with 2015 sensibility.  Redcast is made up of Seth Brock, Darren Brock, Jarrod Brock, Gibson Coy, and Jamin Coy.  Redcast is a pop / rock act from Portland, Oregon, known for delivering pop hooks in the guise of indie rock, all with a decidedly retro spin. Perfect description for a fun band.  Girls, why aren’t you screaming yet?  This band should be playing on your radio.  Roadrunner, roadrunner.  I got the AM radio on.  Thanks, Jonathan Richman.  This is cruising music.

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