Amazing: Courtney Barnett – “City Looks Pretty”

Courtney Barnett

“City Looks Pretty”

Tell Me How You Really Feel

To say I believe Courtney Barnett is one of the greatest performers alive is to say the Mona Lisa is a pretty picture.  Barnett has a style unlike anyone else; her wry observations on live are definitely dissimilar to the rest of the crowd.  She talks to you, tells you a story, and brings you into the story.  And her lines; she is one of the most quotable artists out there.  And her guitar playing is amazing.  I think one of the reasons that she resonates with me is she seems to be refreshingly honest.  Oh, and her band: Bones Sloane – bass, backing vocals, Dave Mudie – drums, backing vocals, Dan Luscombe – lead guitar, backing vocals; are tremendous.  Good job, Courtney.

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