Aural Photography: the seven field of aphelion – “The Crossing/Drift (Losing Light)”

the seven fields of aphelion

“The Crossing/Drift (Losing Light)”

Keep The Ocean Inside

What beautiful music.  This is that gorgeous ambient music that takes you to a different world, similar to Eno’s Lux or Yann Tiersen’s soundtracks.  Pittsburgh native (yeah, Pittsburgh) musician and songwriter Maureen “Maux” Boyle – The Seven Fields of Aphelion – has employed great patience in arriving at the perfect milieu of inspirations to complete her long-awaited sophomore album, Keep the Ocean Inside. What has come out is a simply beautiful album with a tremendous video for the first song.  What the seven fields of aphelion does best is paint musical landscape for the ears.  I love her work.  She is a genius.  I guess the best description of her music is aural photography.

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