Beatlesque Beauty: Jacob Golden – “Tomorrow Never Knows On 45”

Jacob Golden

Jacob Golden

“Tomorrow Never Know On The 45”

God, I love Jacob Golden.  As he says, he wears his love for the Beatles on his sleeve, and that is not a bad thing.  As Golden says;

I’m an indie singer songwriter. I write dark folk songs with psychedelic undertones. I believe in having a direct relationship with my fans. This site is created by me. Welcome!

The thing I love about Golden, besides his absolutely gorgeous voice, is his willingness to connect with his fans.  And his tremendous music, and his lyrics.  The man has it all.  I just super love his accessibility, and the fact I swear he writes his songs for me.  There are a lot of singer/songwriters out there, but Golden is the cream of the crop.  Jump on this train before it completely pulls out of the station.  Thank you, Jacob Golden.

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