Beautiful Sadness: neek – “something new something blue”

Photo Cred: Matt Alves


something new something blue (feat. Saro)

words i shouldn’t have

There is something extremely sad about neek’s new song.  Her voice and the production of it make the song sound even sadder, as if you are delving into reek’s psyche and hearing her inner heart break.  The LA-base electronic musician is used to dealing with pain through her music.  According to her bio:

words i shouldn’t have is about unrequited love and loss, and the emptiness that comes along with it; it’s about pain and longing, and how those feelings are not tangible, can’t be measured or even explained. It’s about wanting what one can’t have and not being able to talk about it, living in frustration. It’s about a pain that can only be validated by one’s own suffering. These songs all display vulnerability and raw expression, representing neek’s journey towards her ability to grapple with her issues, and express herself creatively without self-judgement.

This is a beautiful and painful song, but “something new something blue” is necessary for both neek herself and for all of who have experienced loss at one or another.  A very brave and beautiful statement.

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