Beauty From The Hudson: Greg Jacquin -“Floating”

Photo Cred: Andrew Bordeaux

Greg Jacquin


Hudson River

This man is amazing.  When “Floating” begins, those plucked notes draw you in.  But seriously, you are still not expecting such beauty as Greg Jacquin is capable is.  One, his style is not like anyone else (only comparison may be Sufjan Stevens); two, he does not look like he sounds (his voice is beautiful and clear, amazingly so); three, usually strings drown out a song; here, they perfectly mesh with the song.  Coming from Sleepy Hollow, NY, being Cuban in a town that is so old, Jacquin picked up a lot of his music from his step-father and grandparents.  Jacquin’s band consists of singer, songwriter and piano player Paul Griffin and singer, songwriter and guitarist Rich Berta who share songwriting duties. Bass player Lalit Loomba and drummer Peter Wilson hold down the bottom end. Add Lisa Dodakian, violin, and you’ve got true beauty.  This is deeply personal and beautiful music.  Thank you for letting us in.

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