Berlin Goth Electronica: Liste Noire – “Time Is Your Crime”

liste noire

Liste Noire

“Time Is Your Crime”


If you have never heard Liste Noire, you really need to do so NOW.  This band is so amazing.  Liste Noire is the new incarnation of the art-wave project Velvet Condom. Alice Gift and Oberst P., now joined by new member Kali on guitar and keyboard, are playing what they call “Disco Noir”. The Berlin based French-Swedish trio released their debut EP “Afire Afire” in 2015 and Brace, their first full-length album was released in May 2016.  Comprised of Vocals, Guitar / Alice Gift; Keyboard, Programming / Oberst Panizza; and Guitar, Keyboard / Kali.  Their music is a beautiful swill of electronica, disco, dance, and goth music.  What a tremendous band.  Check them out.

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