Big Noise for the Summer: The Giraffes – “Washing Machine”

the giraffes

The Giraffes

“Washing Machine”


The Giraffes are back, growling at their finest.  “Washing Machine” is an extremely wild song, and the video is very disturbing and hilarious at the same time.  The Giraffes have been around forever (or so it seems) and this album is a return to their roots with a wild twist.  Usury serves as both a comeback and throwback for the band. The new full-length is based around an antagonist in the form of the corporate stooge, who over the course of the album ultimately unravels from the corporate to be reset.  With the stop/start action, the gritty high-wired guitars, and a backbeat to kill for, The Giraffes, comprised of Aaron Lazar, Damien Paris, Josh Taggart, and Andrew Totolos are back with a passion.  Just in time for summer.  Watch out, world, these Giraffes are as wild as they get.

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