Bittersweet Love: Ellis Dodi – “Exhibit”

ellis dodi

Ellis Dodi

“Black Rope”


Very moody and dark, perfect for those beautiful dark days of this unusually warm winter.  Ellis Dodi’s music hits you on so many levels.  Her voice is though ethereal, and with the strings in the background, the music carries you somewhere else (or maybe your own world), somewhere that is both sad and happy.  Ellis Dodi is the solo project of New York City-based singer-songwriter, Erica Di Loreto. With a diverse background in theatre, dance and music, Di Loreto first began playing guitar and crafting her own songs while in college. By the time she graduated and moved to Brooklyn, Di Loreto was already familiar with Bushwick’s underground DIY scene, through her involvement with The Neverland, a warehouse space turned underground venue. Shortly thereafter, Di Loreto began performing around Brooklyn and Manhattan’s Lower East Side, under the stage name, Ellis Dodi.  Dodi knows exactly which notes to hit, where to rest her voice, where to press on.  Dodi makes me happy/sad, my favorite combination.  Oh, and no one sounds like her.

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