Blow Your Head Apart: Signs Of The Swarm – “Cesspool of Ignorance”

Signs Of The Swarm

“Cesspool Of Ignorance”

The Disfigurement of Existence

Unbolievable.  This band kills it, and I can’t believe they’re from my town of Pittsburgh.  If you like deathcore, this band frickin delivers.  I love them.  There is nothing subtle about the music.  The band, comprised of CJ McCreery – Vocals; Cory Smarsh – Guitar; Jacob Toy – Guitar;
Bobby Crow – Bass; and Jimmy Pino – Drums, are the very definition of a great deathcore band, with lyrics to blow your mind, and music to blow your head wide open.  Check out the lyrics below.  They are so fuckin great:

Deities and saviors mistaken for creators. False stories and bullshit lies fabricated a globe of mindless manikins connected to strings, controlled by deceit. A brainwashed humanity falls to its knees serving to please what can not be seen. Molded into mindless fools. Breeding new life into a cycle of shit. Force-fed false hope and piled into the cesspool of ignorance. When will they see the almighty has yet to be seen? Drown in the cesspool of ignorance. choke on the uncertainty. The unease eats away at your mind just like the rest of society. You’re not fooling anybody. A brainwashed humanity falls to its knees serving to please what can not be seen. Eradication of all idols. Eradication of the almighty idols who do not show themselves. All the oblivion must be put to an end. Just wake the fuck up and realize that there is nothing beyond the realm of this dark earth that you always have suffered in. We are left alone to question our existence. We’re left all alone in this bleak existence.

Catch these guys live.  They are killer.

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