Blues Extraordinaire: Jackie Venson – “Back To Earth”

Jackie Venson

Jackie Venson

“Back To Earth”

Jackie Venson Live

Unbelievable.  If I had not seen her live video, I would not have believed that anyone could play guitar in such a way that it sounded like there was a whole band playing when it is just Jackie Venson.  Daughter of Austin music staple, Andrew Venson, Jackie’s early drive for music led her to Boston’s Berklee College of Music, where she picked up a guitar for the first time.  If you love blues guitar work (B.B. King, Buddy Giles, Clapton), and wonder what they would sound like if they could rip those chords and notes out of the guitar without any back-up, you have Venson.  Even then, I think even Hendrix would have a hard time keeping up with Venson.  When Venson plays, she is the guitar, and this is without any synths or special effects.  This is just she.  I love her.  Watch and listen and be awed.

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