Bowie’s Birthday Present: David Bowie – “Blackstar”

david bowie

David Bowie



For his birthday, David Bowie is releasing Blackstar to all his fans.  This is why Bowie will always be the greatest musician of all time.  This song is so unbelievably complex.  And original.  And Bowie has done so much, he could rest on his laurels forever.  But he keeps expanding the boundaries, doing something completely new.  Instead of following trends, he IS the trend.  Very few artists can remain so original and amazing through a long career:  Picasso, Dali, Burroughs, Patti Smith, Neil Young, Paul McCartney, Lou Reed, and Bowie.  But Bowie is always different.  He has not been called the chameleon for nothing.  And “Blackstar” is one of his most beautiful, most compelling, and most disturbing song he has ever made.  Recorded to be released on his birthday, January 8, 2016, this is Bowie’s birthday present to us.  Happy Birthday indeed.  Thank you, my hero.

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