Bruised But Not Defeated: Lil Josiey – “Sunset Shawnty (w/Vito)”

Lil Josiey

“Sunset Shawnty (w/Vito)”

Well, Lil Josiey has delivered with another beautiful song.  This song is very deep, romantic, but it rings so true.  Lil Josiey (aka as Josiah Gomula) has all the earmarks for being big, I mean huge.  His range of styles seem infinite.  Lil Josiey is not limited in what he can do, and that is the true sign of a real artist.  Also, Lil Josiey does not sound like anyone else; he is definitely an original.  This is a perfect Autumn song; only Lil Josiey can sing about being bruised and beaten but still be filled with hope.  Just like Autumn is the end of summer but the beginning of new life, so Lil Josiey’s love life has broken him.  What a great song.  This is one of my favorites.


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